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Falls and fractures are devastating to older persons. An old person is at risk of falling and/or fracturing when several risk factors are present. The most common risk factors for falls and fractures are poor gait and balance, poor nutrition, poor muscles (due to sedentarism), osteoporosis and low vitamin D.
Falls in older persons are not normal!
Falls could be fatal!
The good news is that falls and fractures could be prevented with a combination of regular exercise, assessment by your GP, good levels of vitamin D, osteoporosis treatment and appropriate protein supplementation (when required).
The Gait and Balance Gym (Gabagym) is a new concept developed by  Professor Gustavo Duque.
Our Gabagym combines regular balance exercise with state-of-the-art technology to improve your gait, balance, muscles and bones without requiring a major effort from your side other than motivation, enthusiasm and regular attendance.
After a complete medical assessment, you will receive an excercise plan specifically tailored for your needs. If a balance problem is identified, you will initially receive balance training using a 3-D virtual reality system (www.medicaa.com). Then you will be ready to join the gentle exercise program.
If your balance is normal, and only if there is not a contraindication, we will invite you to follow an exercise protocol using our whole body vibration system.
These two systems of balance and gait training have shown excellent results in clinical research centres around the world. Our GaBaGym is now applying the results of this revolutionary research in real life.
It's the time now, no excuses!
Ask us about how to join our first Gabagym. We are opening soon.

Our services include:
  • Identification of risks factors for falls and fractures in older persons
  • Comprehensive medical examination
  • Gentle exercise program 
  • Whole body vibration platforms 
  • Balance training using our 3D balance rehabilitation unit (BRU)
  • Protein supplements
  • Hip protectors
For more information about our Falls and Fractures Clinic, please click here

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